What makes an acan an ultra?

Often times we are asked what makes an acan an ultra. Lets start off by saying that there are basically three grades to an acan. There are many variations within each grade and there are no quick rules to calling an acan one grade or another. In fact, a lot of people will argue whether or not an acan is any particular grade. At the lower end of acans is the B grade. This grade can have one or two colors but no distinct patterns that make it pop. An A grade can have as little as two colors but the pattern may set it apart with those two colors and it may be considered by some an A grade. An ultra grade acan is probably the most debatable. It's automatically an ultra if it have more than four or five colors. If the patterns are not like any others it could be considered an ultra with only a few colors. If the acan comes from an area where you don't see many imported from, it may be considered an ultra grade. If we are calling an acan an ultra it's because we believe it to be an ultra based on seeing hundreds of colonies. After a while you develop your own idea of what an ultra acan is and can see one for 15 seconds and know what grade it is. Occasionally, we will come across an acan that looks about as much a rainbow as can be, then it will morph into an A grade only to then morph again to an even better rainbow then what we first saw. We have an acan called the "everlasting gobstopper" that we have seen three separate morphs. Each morph gets better and we really enjoy watching the transformation. So if you see something on our website that you don't think is an ultra and that's what we are calling it, theres always a reason and we would be more than happy to tell you about it. Again, thanks for visiting the website and feel free to call us with any questions.
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