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Coral Obsessions Shipping Info

At Coral Obsessions we pride ourselves on the quality of corals you will purchase and guarantee their live arrival. The water parameters of our corals are tested daily to ensure their healthy arrival. We ship all orders FEDEX priority overnight and arrival before 1030 a.m. We will only ship corals and fish after we contact you for a scheduled arrival where you will be able to acclimate the corals to your tank for the best results.

If an order is placed for a specific coral that we need to frag, we will contact you for a ship date. We will not send a "fresh cut" frag to fill an order under any circumstances.

The quality of your water will determine the surviveability of the coral and we encourage testing of water prior to adding of any corals or fish.

If for any reason the coral or fish we ship to you arrives dead, or doa, we will credit your account or provide a replacement. Crediting of the account does not include shipping costs. The coral or fish must be photographed and emailed to coral obsession within 3 hours of delivery for a credit to be applied. Please allow the corals time to acclimate and recover from the shipping. Many times, corals shipped will be stressed and require a couple weeks to recover from the trip and be happy.

Coral Obsessions ships dry goods differently and typical arrival will be within 3-5 business days.

Shipping rates are as follows:

    $0-$100= $50

    $101-$150= $40

    $151-$250= $30

    $251-Up = FREE

If you have any questions regarding the shipping process or return policy, please call Broc @ 949-933-8190 and he will be happy to answer any questions.

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