Reefapalooza 2011

On October 22nd and 23rd Reefapalooza will be in Costa Mesa, Ca. Coral Obsessions will be there with a nice sample of the ultra grade corals we have to offer. We suggest you go around to all the other booths and check out the corals and prices. After you have checked everything out and have an idea of what's for sale, cruise by our booth and take a gander at the rare corals we have at a reasonable price. We are partnering up with Hamilton Technology, Aqua Euro and Warner Marine Research to offer some of their products at below wholesale. We did the Coral Farmers Market this year and offered some products in an open auction with prices starting 50% below wholesale. Everything we had sold below wholesale! There were over twenty items, a 28 gallon nano tank sold for $155 and a 4' Figi Sun 6 bulb T5 light fixture sold for $220. Retail on the Tank is $349.95 the light is $549.95. We will be offering more products at the Reefapalooza show so don't miss out on your chance to walk away with something for below wholesale. We thank Hamilton Tech and Aqua Euro for their participation in this event. See you at Reefapalooza 2011.
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