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Red Sea scientists have discovered that an optimally balanced ratio between the “Foundation Elements” (Calcium, Magnesium, and Carbonates) makes for more energy- efficient coral growth, ensures the formation of a robust aragonite coral skeleton, and improves coral vitality.

With the optimally balanced Foundation Elements, you will not need to supplement new water during water changes
An unparalleled homogeneity of all 57 elements, formulated for reef aquariums
Made from natural Red Sea sodium chloride with part of the living reef in every harvested grain

Red Sea Salts - The formulas

The new formulas of Red Sea and Coral Pro salts, and our comprehensive program for professional reef care, are the products of years of research into the physiological demands of corals in the reef aquarium.

Unlike the natural reef environment, which has an immeasurable reservoir of all 57 elements, a reef aquarium is an artificial environment that is constantly affected by coral growth and other ongoing biological processes.

Coral Pro and Red Sea salts are formulated for use with RO water. Both use the same raw materials, including the unique Sodium Chloride harvested from the Red Sea Reef, and both have optimally balanced ratios between the foundation elements: Coral Pro Salt contains elevated levels of foundation elements set for accelerated coral growth, while Red Sea Salt contains natural levels set for mature aquariums and enhanced coral coloration.

When you use these optimally balanced salts, you not only save yourself the headache of adjusting the levels of the Foundation Elements with every water change, but significantly improve the well-being of your corals.

The Red Sea - Our Source and Inspiration

The Red Sea, an oasis of living creatures and coral formations, is home to many unique animals found nowhere else. Unique among the world’s tropical reefs, the Red Sea supports the largest diversity of marine fauna and has the highest density of corals. The Red Sea reef ecosystem is our inspiration and the main source of Red Sea’s Salts, allowing us to bring you the living reef in every harvested grain

Tech notes
Skeletogenesis: Corals form approximately 90% of their skeleton by combining the water’s Ca and CO3 ions to form Aragonite (CaCO3). The rest of the skeleton is made up from Magnesite (MgCO3), Strontianite (SrCO3), Calcite (a more brittle crystal structure of CaCO3), CaF2, and other minor and trace minerals. These foundation elements complement each other in the formation of coral skeleton. When they are not optimally balanced in the correct ratio, one will quickly limit healthy coral growth.

Accelerated Coral Growth: Corals invest energy in transporting foundation elements, (and other elements necessary for skeletal growth) from the surrounding water through their soft tissue. Elevated levels of the foundation elements create a more positive ionic pressure, making this process much more efficient (less energy required per gram of skeleton).The balanced, elevated levels of the foundation elements accelerates coral growth rates.

Effects of unbalanced Foundation Elements: With low levels of Mg and/or Sr, a coral skeleton will develop with a higher proportion of Calcite, making it more brittle and more susceptible to damage. Low magnesium or high calcium levels can lead to alkalinity drops, while high alkalinity with calcium at saturation levels will cause precipitation, leading to low calcium levels.

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