Negotiable Pricing?????

At Coral Obsessions we understand that you might think we are over priced on one thing and under priced on another. If you really want a piece of coral we have but think the price is a little off, give us a call and let us know what your thoughts are on the coral in question. We aren't opposed to "making a deal" if it's something we think we can make a deal on. We have a large inventory of corals and dry goods so we can't update every product as often as we would like. Say we have 30 polyps of a particular acan that's priced at $40 per polyp when we first put it on the website. If during the weeks or months that we have that acan it grows a few heads, we might be able to reduce the price per polyp. If your going to make a bigger order for example, like one that qualifies for free shipping, we will usually "throw in" a couple extras as a way to say thanks. Or.... we can have a negotiated rate for a bigger purchase. We aren't greedy and will always entertain a deal if you ask.
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