Named or Not???

Apparently it's a big deal to have named pieces. We carry a grip of corals that have designer names. We also carry the corals that aren't named yet. In the zoanthid category, for example, we have a section of "Not named but should be". In this section you can expect to see some really crazy odd wild colonies of zoanthids. When we get these from the wholesaler, they often come in on a rock with a dozen polyps on it. We then grow them out and frag them to a particular order. Sometimes we may be "out" of that particular zoanthid because we are trying to grow more; We always keep some back for growth. We believe that these wild, not named, zoanthids can be just as unique as some of the $50 per polyp designer zoanthids. That's why we have some that are in that range. We have a saying at the shows when we are asked what "that" is called.. "We don't play the name game". If you see something with CO and a name next to a crazy looking coral, it's because we've been asked enough times about that coral we decided to call it something so we knew which coral to refer to. So when your browsing our website be sure to check the section that says "Not designer but should be" because you might just find a sweet zoanthid.
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