How we price our ultra corals

If your wondering how we come up with a price on our corals, I'm going to try and explain it. When your looking at an ultra acan for example, we try to be competitive with what the market has to offer. We search the wholesalers around the U.S. for the eye popping colors and patterns that are unique to us. We have to take into account what other non-ultra pieces we had to purchase to get the ones we wanted. We count the number of heads or size of the colony and determine what a fair price would be. We are not out to make a bunch of money on any one item, but to make our money on the amount of corals we can sell. Selling a larger volume at a fair price is what will keep our customers coming back for more. You may see similar acans that we have for $100 per head. We will never charge our customers that much money for a single polyp. We don't have to. Since we are constantly on the look-out for amazing corals, we are constantly coming across them and don't need to hold onto any particular item because it's the best we've got. New stuff is coming in to replace it as soon as it leaves.

It pays to become a member of the website because we are going to offer members a 48-72 hour window where they will have first chance at any new inventory that comes in. Keep checking the website for more amazing corals and fair prices. If theres something you like, send us an email or call and we will be happy to help you.
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