Hamilton Technology

We offer products by Hamilton Technology and Aqua Euro for sale on our website. We carry their products for a number of reasons but probably the most significant would be because we use them on our own aquariums. Prior to starting this business, the owners of Coral Obsessions were hobbyists who wanted the best equipment the hobby had to offer. Unknowingly, the owners who had never met until the start of this business both had Hamilton Tech Lighting and Aqua Euro Chillers. So when it came time to get a supplier of lighting, chillers and skimmers, it was only appropriate to go to Hamilton. The staff is great and we couldn't be happier with the relationship we've built. As of right now, they don't have an LED light on the market but they are just about to release a competitive LED for those of us that want Hamilton Tech lighting our tanks. If you already have their lights on your system you know that the product is superior to others and if there is ever a problem they take care of it. We have recently partnered up with them for some of the shows, like CFM and Reefapalooza, to offer a bidding open auction where you can get their products for below wholesale. At the CFM show we sold 18 products, ranging from a 28 gallon nano to a 48" Fiji Sun 6 bulb T5 that sold for well under wholesale. We expect to have more of their products at Reefapalooza so cruise by our booth and make a bid. See you there!
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