Down and Dirty Coral Acclimation

You can look up "coral acclimation" on the web and find 20 different ways to do it. We, at Coral Obsessions, have our own recommendations for acclimating your "just arrived via fedex" corals. You need to be available for deliveries and set aside a couple of hours for acclimating your corals.

After opening the box and pulling the bags/containers out, inspect them briefly to be sure they have arrived alive and look healthy. Check to be sure the bag isn't completely cloudy and you don't see coral tissue floating around in the bag. We recommend temperature acclimating for 15 minutes before beginning a drip acclimation and dip. Drip acclimate for a period of one hour. We try to triple the amount of water the coral came in and time it over an hour so it's a nice slow acclimation. Next, we always dip our corals in a solution to clean them and help boost their health from the long trip. Different products are available for dipping your corals. When introducing your corals, place them in an unlit tank at the bottom, in the substrate, so they can get comfortable to your lighting. After full polyp extension, you can be sure they like the lighting and they can be moved higher in the tank. This step can take a few weeks.

If you have any question about our recommendations, don''t hesitate to call. You can look up other procedures on the internet and get step-by-step.

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