Cherry Picking

We all like to come up on a nice piece for great price; We try to do it too. When we go to our suppliers and only want the nice ultra pieces they don't allow it. We have to buy other corals if we want the ultra pieces. We try not to pass this on to our customers because we don't like it either. But..... if you want the ultras then you have to pay a fair price. We try not to mark up any particular piece of coral more than we have to. We consider the corals we had to buy to get YOU the ultra pieces and price everything fairly. We have prices that reflect the cherry items and will be more than happy to discount them if you buy more than one thing. Put a nice order together and we will start giving you free frags that not $5 frags. You will get nice, ultra frags for free with every decent sized order. Contact us for more information before you place an order and we will hook you up with a nice package.
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