Buying Wholesale

The owners of Coral Obsessions have multiple wholesalers across the country that supply the corals you see on this website. We are located in Southern California and have access to about 15 different wholesalers locally. Each wholesaler prides themselves on a particular coral that they import. We may find our scoly's at one place and acans at another. Rarely do we buy everything to restock our inventory from one wholesaler. We have contacts across the country because the best corals are spread out amongst the wholesalers and we hunt them down. You can go to your local fish store for a leather or a mushroom. We only carry high quality, beautiful corals to represent our company. 95% of our corals are ultra and if you scroll through our website you'll see what I'm referring to. We have excellent relations with our suppliers; We can guarantee you a fresh and new shipment with a revolving and growing inventory. Check back often for new arrivals. We have special deals on all of our A and B grade acans. Often times we have to purchase these grades to get you the rainbow acans you want. We will get you a great deal on mini colonies of those acans. Send us an email if your interested. Usually it's about $3 a head for the B grade and $6 a head for the A grade. Check out our membership program that gives you first chance options at the new arrivals at a discount. Contact us if you have any questions. Coral Obsessions
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