Buy corals at your LFS or online?

Why should you buy corals from us vs. your local fish store? For most of you, you'll go to the local fish stores around you and check their selection and settle for something that you may like but not love. It's the same story for most of us. I remember going to my local fish store wanting to buy a small colony of acans that looked awesome and I get there and I see two mediocre B grade five head frags. So, what did I do? I bought what they had because I had the money and wanted to add something to my tank. Often times I overpaid for the piece but what other choice did I have. Buying corals online is easy. I search for the corals that interest me, click on the picture and order what I want. You can get the best of the best without waiting for your local fish store to get something cool in his store. Why buy at Coral Obsessions? As I tell people that call, we search every wholesaler in California and across the Country for the best pieces of coral imported to the U.S. Once we find the corals that meet our criteria we offer them to our customers for a reasonable price. There are other online stores that sell a polyp for $200. Since all retailers buy corals from the same wholesalers, there are a lot of the same corals out there. There is no need to over charge for one polyp. We like to pride ourselves on the inventory we keep. If you want a mediocre leather coral, your probably better off going to your lfs and getting it. We carry ultra grade corals for a reasonable price. Take a look through our website. We will be adding new corals daily to the inventory and guarantee you will find something that makes you say "wow".
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