90022 BladeSert™ Blade Guide


Our unique BladeSert™ eliminates the need for upper blade guides by providing blade support where it most crucial.

Key Features

Supports the blade at the point of sawing for better control.
Helps keep the blade tracking straight and true while sawing.
Allows you to make more accurate cuts.
Works equally well with DiamondCut™, WoodCut™, and MetalCut™ blades.

Use with standard DB-100 Diamond Band molded table (no. 90033) and the optional Aluminum Work Surface (no. 90023)

You should always install a new BladeSert™ whenever you install a new blade.

The BladeSert™ will wear with saw use and the slot that the blade passes through will widen over time. Using a worn BladeSert™ allows for excess play in the blade and the blade becomes more likely to break. How fast this happens will depend on use and your sawing style. You should check the BladeSert™ for wear each time you use the saw. Immediately replace the BladeSert™ when it begins to show signs of widening and wear. You can use the "X" behind the slot as a wear guide. When the slot has worn out beyond the reach of the legs of the "X" it is time to replace the BladeSert. It is no longer providing proper support for your blade. The "X" also serves as reminder not to deflect the blade more than this amount in either direction.

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